Why A Doula Agency

The founders of Blissful Beginnings have been serving Lane County as independent doulas for many years.  Merging together to develop an agency that fills a need in our community by forming connection between families and doulas made sense.


So many times we have received calls from a potential client who tell us that they have called 6 doulas already and couldn’t find anyone available for their due date.  Often we were also booked and would have to give them another list of names to call, not knowing if those doulas were available or not.  Others shared how many interviews that had done searching for a good match for their them.  Frustrated because they didn’t have the time to keep looking with everything else they were doing to prepare for their babies arrival.

Connecting clients with doulas makes sense.
We are excited to be the first agency in Lane County.


At the same time that we are helping our clients, we are also helping doulas.   Over the years we have seen many wonderful and talented doulas come into our community for short amounts of time.  They were great at being a doula but they had trouble connecting with clients and had to seek employment in other fields.  This means they can’t do what they are passionate about. We work with doulas who are certified or working toward certification with reputable doula organizations. Our doulas vary in price based on their experience. We provide mentorship for all our doulas as well as guaranteed backup support.


We want to be that bridge so that you can find them and they can keep serving our community.


Learn more about our agency and how we can help your family at Blissful Beginnings