Building Positive Relationships With Your Providers and Nurses

Building positive relationships

A while back, a nurse I had not work with before, entered my client’s birth suite,  I approached her to introduce myself.

“Hi, I’m Laura, I’m so-and-so’s doula.”

Her response was essentially that she had already asked the other nurses about me and was happy to have me there.

Before that time I hadn’t thought about it. But of course, the nurses are going to share experiences and tell each other which doulas they not only got along with, but also had positive things to say about our support role. They also share this insight with the doctors and midwives.

Our doulas though independently working for the families who hire us, are also responsible for making sure we are team players with the doctors, midwives, and nurses we are working with and will eventually work with again. It is important to us to walk into the hospital or birth center with our client knowing that the staff will welcome us and not feel negatively about our presence. We are grateful to have built and established relationships with these hard working medical professionals. This helps us to offer you a more peaceful birth setting.

So with this in mind, we have worked hard at building positive relationships with your providers and nurses.  They know our faces. They know we are here to provide you with labor support without our own personal agendas. They can rest assured that we work within the scope of practice laid out by our various certifying bodies.

So don’t be surprised when the nurse walks in and smiles because they see you have hired a Blissful Beginnings Doula! They will be as happy as you will be with the support we provide.

Laura Finnegan

Blissful Beginnings Agency Co-Founder