The Process

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Getting ready for a baby can be overwhelming! We are here to simplify the process of finding the right doula and accessing the services that your family needs.  You will be provided individual attention every step of the way.
Everyone has different needs. after getting to know you we will help you select from our team of incredible doulas.  We find the best fit for your birth team or postpartum care based on our doulas’ individual experience, availability, budget and even personality!

You will be taken care of by your doula, and our agency will also be available for any additional needs.

  Are you interested in childbirth classes, placenta encapsulation, photography or belly binding? We’ve got you covered! 

Finding a doula in Eugene. Doula matching from Blissful Beginnings doula agencyWhat Makes Us Special:

Excellence- All our doulas are passionate about their work, committed to staying within their scope of practice, and always striving to learn more.

Specialization- Our doulas have specialized training or experience in areas such as VBAC, mental health/PPD/PPA, LBGTQ+, surrogacy, adoption, home birth, sibling adjustment, Spanish speaking and more.

Peace of Mind- We guarantee you will have a doula at your birth.

Mentorship– All our doulas have 24/7 access to mentorship support.

Our doulas understand that this is YOUR birth, and they here to support you!

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